nobilia sink cabinet base cabinet 45cm, 60cm sink base cabinet built-in sink white SPUD45 / 60

nobilia elements sink cabinet 45 cm 60 cm white 1 door inner panel kitchen sink base unit SPUD45 / 60

nobilia elements sink cabinet from the nobiliaThe kitchen cabinet range is supplied with a shelf and an inner panel. The high-quality base cabinet body comes with a continuous door in the decor Touch 332 Alpine white supermatt added.

The door hinge can be chosen freely. When the door hangs on the left, the door opens to the left. When the door hangs on the right, the door opens to the right. The fittings from Hettich take care of Soft close Function for quiet and gentle closing of the doors.

The nobilia elements Sink cabinet can be ordered individually and delivered in widths of 45 cm and 60 cm. The easy-care surface ensures a brilliant white kitchen, is very hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

The White Kitchen cabinet for installing sinks is also available in a width of 90cm under the name SPUD 90.


nobilia dimensions or cabinet sizes:

  • Weight: 21-29kg-
  • 60cm SPUD60: width 600 mm / 60 cm | Depth: 561 mm / 56 cm | Height: 720 mm / 72.0 cm
  • 45cm SPUD45: width 450mm / 45 cm depth: 561 mm / 56 cm | Height: 720mm / 72.0cm


nobilia decor:

  • Touch332 alpine white matt


Scope of delivery and equipment:

  • nobilia quality: pre-assembled kitchen cabinets that are glued and pressed at the factory
  • 1 barrier
  • Door 71.7cm high
  • Metal handle stainless steel (No. 263)
  • 1 inner panel (rear)
  • Base feet (height adjustable)
  • Returns covers / plinth returns (lateral plinth cladding or skirting boards)
  • Plinth panels
  • Automatic concealed hinges: high quality hinges, door dampers with Soft close Function (quiet closing) of Hettich
  • Fitting bag with all fittings and screws required for assembly



Is not compatible with a stove, only with a sink!


nobilia article number:

  • SPUD 60
    • in 60cm width: 31206
    • EAN: 0670036571128
  • SPUD 45
    • At 45cm width: 31205
    • EAN: 0670036571111