nobilia worktop 60 cm x 60 cm, 38 mm thick -


nobilia worktop 60 cm x 60 cm, 38 mm thick

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Original nobilia kitchen worktops in 192 oak Provence & 354 concrete slate gray 60cm length, 60cm deep and 38mm thick

Attention! This product can only be ordered with a configured kitchen! All individual orders will be canceled!

In our nobilia Elements range, we have two high-quality kitchen worktops with the decor oak Provence and concrete slate gray. The worktop decor 354 concrete slate gray is characterized by a modern design and a very elegant and sophisticated look.
The timeless decor design Oak Provence looks inviting, lively and brings a lot of warmth into your kitchen.
Available decors:
354 concrete slate gray
192 Oak Provence

Quality of nobilia kitchen worktops. 

nobilia worktops are extremely robust and durable

carrierof the 38 mm thick worktops high quality three-layer chipboard.
Coating: Resistant plastic laminate panels (HPL and CPL surfaces). 
Lateral cut edges are coated with decorative edges at the factory. 
Usable depth: Default 600 mm with N-edge 
Butt gluing take place with waterproof D3 glue (PVAC).
Heat resistance: in dry heat up to 180 ° C and in moist heat up to 100 ° C (DIN 68930).


The laminate board is coated around the rounded front edge. For an optimal Moisture protectionthe N-edge is on Sealed transition to the bottom.


The Scratch and abrasion resistance the worktop surface corresponds to the use DIN standard 68930. This ensures that the worktops can withstand normal household demands.


The APL bottom is with a water repellent, melamine resin-soaked paper and has a Moisture protectionat the rear edge. Heat resistance in dry heat up to 180 ° C and in moist heat up to 100 ° C (DIN 68930).