Set of nobilia tall cabinet & Leonard built-in refrigerator including -

Set of nobilia tall cabinet & Leonard built-in refrigerator including freezer combination LK1244

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Leonard built-in refrigerator LK1244 with matching nobilia tall kitchen cabinet 60cm in alpine white supermatt

The refrigerator-tall cabinet combination consists of a white nobilia cabinet and the Leonard built-in refrigerator including a refrigerator combination.

The pre-assembled white-matt nobilia tall unit with the Touch 332-alpine white decor is supplied including a handle and base feet and measures 1997mm x 600mm x 561mm. The cabinet consists of a device door, a door, a shelf and a niche height of 1230 mm and is only suitable for use with sliding door technology. The combination contains a ventilation grille for on-site base installation. The door hinge on the left or right can be selected. When the door is hinged to the left, the door is opened to the left. When the door is hinged on the right, the door opens to the right.
The cabinet is supplied with adjustable feet as well as with base and return panels in the appropriate length.

The built-in refrigerator with freezer combination from the brand Leonard with the decor white has the dimensions 1218mm x 540mm x 549mm. The installation dimensions are 1225mm x 560mm x 550 mm. The total usable volume is 187l and this is divided into 173l cool and 14l freeze. The integrated cooling device includes the following functions:

  • the sliding door technology,
  • mechanical temperature control,
  • fully automatic defrosting in the cold room,
  • LED fridge interior lighting with brightening effect,
  • 3 height-adjustable glass shelves,
  • a height-adjustable fruit and vegetable drawer and
  • a changeable door hinge.

EAN: 7332543494750 Built-in fridge, built-in fridge-freezer combination A + 187L can be integrated with a sliding door

EAN: 0670036570718 tall unit 60cm in alpine white fridge-freezer kitchen nobilia