nobilia built-in kitchen "Bremerhaven" complete with electrical appliances white mini kitchen

"Bremerhaven" mini kitchen from the nobilia Elements range.

The nobilia Elements cabinets from the Touch 332 series are characterized by their modern design and their durable and robust quality surface. The inside of the cabinets is also very high-quality with Hettich fittings made in Germany. In addition, the sustainable cabinets Made in Germany are pre-assembled cabinets that have been glued and are therefore particularly stable. In addition, the holes for the stainless steel-colored metal handles are already pre-drilled, so that you do not have to spend days assembling. Top-shelf will deliver the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets to your home within 5 working days.

The mini-kitchen “Bremerhaven” is 1.80 m wide and 2.15 m high.

nobilia cabinets:

  1. Device conversion cooling machine, 1 device door, 1 door, 1 shelf, niche height: 1230 mm; The door opens to the left
  2. Hob cabinet, 1 drawer; 1 spacer shelf for hob; 2 extracts
  3. Sink cabinet, 1 inside panel, 1 continuous door; The door opens to the right
  4. Wall cabinet for Junker microwave oven JP4119260, 1 niche depending on the height of the appliance; 1 flap to compensate for niches

Electrical appliances:


  1. Domino glass ceramic hob PAS3001E: The glass ceramic hob from the Progress brand consists of two fast-glowing, radiation-heated cooking zones; Installation height: 41mm, cut-out dimensions: 270mm x 490 mm
  2. Microwave JP4119260: The Junker brand microwave with black decor measures 382mm x 594mm x 317mm. The microwave has 7 automatic programs, namely 4 defrosting and 3 cooking programs, a comfort scroll control, an electronic clock with time display, an electronic door opening, LED interior lighting and a cooling fan. It is a 20 liter cooking space. Can only be planned with a stop on the left.
  3. Chimney extractor hood EASYPBXA60LC from the Farber brand is made of stainless steel and is operated using pushbuttons; the metal filter is dishwasher safe; exhaust air and circulating air operation are possible
  4. The built-in refrigerator LK1244 from Leonard with a freezer combination has the following dimensions: 1225 x 560 x 550 mm



  1. Built-in sink ETN 611-58 from Franke with drainer, 1 basin with the dimensions 340mm x 355mm x 145 mm
  2. Mixer faucet, high pressure & low pressure, has the following dimensions: Tap hole: 35 mm diameter; Height of outlet above APL: 125 mm; Highest point above APL: 160 mm; Projection: 230 mm
  3. Built-in waste bin, flat design, 19 l bin. The waste collector can only be mounted on the side wall with the door hinge or at a standstill with corner sink units.
  4. Cutlery insert Trend in the decor gray with a width of 600mm
  5. Anti-slip mats in anthracite decor with a width of 900mm
  6. Base thickness: 13 mm, length: 3350 mm
  7. 2 returns + accessories
  8. 8 Wall end profile made of plastic, upper part with sealing lips
  9. Wall closure accessory bag
  10. Ventilation grille, for installation in the base panel for device conversions
  11. APN worktop with N-edge, rounded front edge, side coated with straight decorative edge, worktop thickness 38 mm; You can choose between the decor "Concrete Slate Gray" and "Oak Provence"
  12. Hardware for assembly