nobilia built-in kitchen "Bremen" without electrical appliances and accessories, Alpine white kitchen unit

Pre-assembled nobilia kitchen "Bremen" without electrical appliances and accessories 3.90 m wide kitchen unit Kitchen block in alpine white

“Bremen” kitchen from the nobilia Elements range.

The nobilia Elements cabinets from the Touch 332 series are characterized by their modern design and their durable and robust quality surface. The inside of the cabinets is also very high-quality with Hettich fittings made in Germany. The wall cabinets with folding lift doors offer a great overview and free access as there are no open doors in the way. In addition, the sustainable cabinets Made in Germany are pre-assembled cabinets that have been glued and are therefore particularly stable. In addition, the holes for the stainless steel-colored metal handles are already pre-drilled, so that you do not have to spend days assembling. Top-shelf will deliver the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets to your home within 5 working days.

The “Bremen” kitchen is 3.90 m wide and 2.15 m high. The nobilia kitchen is built without electrical appliances, mixer tap, sink, or the like. Accessories supplied. 

Scope of delivery:
1. Base cabinet with 600mm width, 1 continuous door; 1 shelf; The door opens to the left
2. Sink cabinet with 600mm width, 1 inner panel, 1 continuous door; The door opens to the right
3. Hotplate cabinet with 900mm width, 1 drawer, 1 spacer shelf for hob, 2 pull-outs
4. Device conversion oven with 600mm width, 1 door, 1 shelf, 1 drawer; 2 extracts; Niche height: 590 mm; The door opens to the right
5. Unit conversion, refrigerator-freezer, 2 unit doors; Niche height: 1780 mm; The door opens to the right
6. 3 x wall cupboard folding lift door with 600mm width, 1 folding lift door; 2 original fronts; 2 shelves
7. Fitting strip, body material; U-seal as wall connection, width: 230 mm
8. Dishwasher front with continuous door front for fully integrated dishwashers, built-under refrigerators and freezers with pull-outs
9. Base thickness: 13 mm, length: 3350 mm
10. 2 returns + accessories
11. Wall end profile made of plastic, upper part with sealing lips
12. Wall termination accessories
13. Niche cladding coated on both sides, 16 mm thick, structure direction horizontal
14. Ventilation grille, for installation in the plinth panel when converting devices
15. APN worktop with N-edge, rounded front edge, coated with straight decorative edge on the sides, worktop thickness 38 mm; You can choose between the decor "Concrete Slate Gray" and "Oak Provence"
16. Hardware for assembly