nobilia bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets solve the three essential problems in bathrooms: They increase storage space, make optimal use of the small size of the bathroom and protect your care products and towels from moisture. In the nobilia elements series you will find a large selection of bathroom cabinets that fit perfectly into your bathroom. Time in the bathroom is fun again. A particular advantage of nobilia elements bathroom cabinets are the robust surfaces, which enable the cabinets to have a long service life.

Why nobilia elements bathroom cabinets?

The closets from the nobilia elements Series offer several advantages. Nobilia produces high quality cabinets that are glued and pressed in the factory. This means that you get a fully assembled cabinet that does not warp during assembly, that does not wobble and that cannot be tightened even after a few months. In addition, the range offers a seamless combination of several bathroom cabinets to create a harmonious overall picture. All nobilia elements bathroom cabinets come with Soft close Door fittings equipped by Hettich. The fronts of the cabinets are kept in matt alpine white and therefore fit into any bathroom. They are scratch-resistant and easy to clean and will always provide your bathroom with a lot of brightness and cleanliness. The nobilia elements bathroom cabinets with cover plates in oak Provence or concrete slate gray can be selected as a visual addition, giving your bathroom an attractive look.

How do I plan a bathroom with nobilia elements bathroom cabinets?

When planning a bathroom with nobilia elements bathroom cabinets, the size of your bathroom and the size of your household are particularly important. In general, the bigger the household, the more storage space your bathroom needs. However, the space in a bathroom is always limited and optimal solutions are required. These offer you the taller cabinets, the wall cabinets, the narrower chests of drawers and the vanity units from nobilia elements.

Tall cabinets and wall cabinets are especially useful in small bathrooms with limited space. This is how you distribute the storage space upwards and ensure freedom of movement in your bathroom. For households with sloping bathrooms, midi cabinets and narrow chests of drawers from the nobilia elements series are ideal. These are not as deep as conventional chests of drawers and take up less space. In addition, chests of drawers offer more people private storage space thanks to the many drawers - perfect for the extended family or the growing shared flat. In bathrooms where children grow up, cabinets that have drawers and compartments below help. Children can get their rubber ducks out for the bubble bath on their own.

There are a few tips for your very own bathroom that will help you to create order with the help of the bathroom cabinets from nobilia elements: 1. A washbasin base unit makes full use of the lost space under the washbasin. It's perfect for bulky items like toilet paper. 2. Care products that should not get into the hands of children are best stowed in the top compartments of tall cupboards or in wall cupboards. 3. The narrow wall cabinet with mirror front is ideally suited for smaller items, e.g. Cosmetics. 4. Midi cabinets and sideboards offer perfect space for towels and other larger items, such as the hair dryer or a reserve box with toothbrushes.

Which bathroom cabinets are there in the nobilia elements range?

The nobilia elements range includes vanity units, midi shelves, mirror cabinets and an open wall shelf. All cabinets are glued and pressed in the nobilia factory, no assembly is necessary in your home. In addition, all cabinets are kept simple in alpine white and can be adapted to your needs with elements in oak Provence and concrete slate gray.

Vanity units

The vanity unit from the nobilia elements series is available in two different versions: one with one drawer, one with two. Accordingly, the height varies between 57.6cm and 28.8cm. Both versions are available in 60cm and 80cm width. In addition, all vanity units can be ordered with cover plates in alpine white, concrete slate gray and oak Provence.

To round off this cabinet perfectly, there are washbasins in the TOP-SHELF shop under bathroom accessories that are designed and shaped to match the vanity units. So you can easily create a harmonious overall picture in your bathroom.

Midi shelves / sideboards

The midi shelves and sideboards in the nobilia elements series are 30cm wide and available in three different heights with different divisions. The tallest of the midi cabinets is 158cm high and is divided into 2 doors with a total of 5 compartments and a drawer. The second cabinet is 115 cm high and consists of a door with 3 compartments, a drawer and a pull-out with plenty of storage space. The smallest of the midi cabinets, also known as the sideboard, is 86cm high and has a drawer on top and two compartments underneath behind a door. All bathroom cabinets are pre-assembled in the usual nobilia elements quality, alpine white. For an adapted style, cover plates in alpine white, oak Provence and concrete slate gray can be added.

With their three heights, these cabinets are so variable that one of them will definitely fit in your bathroom. Measure again and order exactly what you need to make your bathroom your dream.

Mirror cabinets

The mirror cabinet from the nobilia elements series is 72 cm high and 60 cm or 80 cm wide. The wide mirror cabinet has two doors, the narrower only one, which can optionally be hinged on the right or left. Both have two shelves made of glass.

Mirror cabinets above the washbasin cleverly combine the mirror with a storage space that is particularly suitable for cosmetics, deodorant or other everyday products. Combined with a cover plate and lighting from the nobilia elements accessories, this practical cupboard is also a real eye-catcher!

Wall shelf

The wall shelf from the nobilia elements range is a simple cube that is open at the front. With approx. 30 x 30cm, the wall shelf offers enough space for storage or decoration. In concrete slate gray or oak Provence, it adapts perfectly to the possible color stems of your bathroom. For larger space requirements, the shelf is also available as a double compartment with a height of about 58cm.

Several cubes distributed on a wall can be a relaxing alternative to shelves, even in small bathrooms. They are a must in large bathrooms!