about us

TOP-SHELF.de is a very young startup company in Bielefeld from 2019. The internet, the speed of changes, a high level of individual mobility and also changing work, living or study places also demand new concepts for furniture. In the Internet age, we have the idea to make furniture easy, understandable and quickly available for you. Buying normal furniture for life no longer has to be complex and requires intensive advice. It can also be quick and easy, we think. Especially with the changes that lead to a new life situation faster than ever, it is important to get good quality furniture at a good price and with little effort to set it up in a short time. This is what we at TOP-SHELF.de stand for. Consequently, the products we offer can only be bought on the Internet.

TOP-SHELF.de stands for the highest quality in online furniture retail. In our online shop you will only find high quality furniture and furniture accessories 'Made in Germany'. The furniture comes from the factories of the market leaders in Germany.

The range is specially tailored to short delivery times as well as safe, stress-free and quick installation of the furniture. A coherent and coordinated furniture range ensures that everything fits together perfectly and is sure to give you pleasure.

Furniture and accessories will be at your home in just a few days. There are no delivery times of several weeks or even months. You don't have to wait long for good furniture.

TOP-SHELF.de deliberately dispenses with complex planning processes for furniture, especially for kitchens. Simple, functional and pre-planned furniture is our aim. Everything fits together and can be set up easily, simply and quickly. No hassle with the Allen key. Off to the scrap metal.

With us you get the best price for Furniture 'Made in Germany'.

TOP-SHELF.de will expand the range of furniture 'Made in Germany' from leading manufacturers in Germany. We hope to soon be able to offer you furniture for other rooms in your apartment such as the bathroom, living room or bedroom. We are working hard on it for you.


Kitchens from nobilia

The smallest room becomes large with a gleaming white kitchen. A feel-good atmosphere guaranteed. The stainless steel look of the built-in devices, matching the stainless steel colored handles, is a real eye-catcher. A confident design! Cooking is fun this way. The longevity and robustness of the kitchen furniture guarantee that it can stay that way for a long time.

Our range of kitchens, kitchen furniture and accessories is from nobilia, Europe's largest manufacturer of kitchens in Verl and Kaunitz. The kitchens are part of the program nobilia elementsthat was specially developed for online trading. Short, flexible delivery times in combination with good prices and a high level of robustness as well as simple set-up are the honest features of nobilia elements.

nobilia produces kitchens exclusively in Germany. We promise you sustainable kitchens and kitchen furniture 'Made in Germany'.

The nobilia elements cupboards are characterized by a modern design and their durable and robust quality surface. High-quality fittings from the German production of the Hettich company are used in the manufacture of the cabinets. All doors and drawers close very gently with a 'soft close'. Closing it is really fun. And it's a quiet thing. The nobilia elements program also includes high-quality equipment elements such as 'folding lift cabinets'. A smart way to open wall units without the open door getting in the way.

Of course, your dream kitchen also includes a number of electrical appliances. You will always find the right built-in appliances from well-known manufacturers in the nobilia elements program. These are available in different price ranges. A hob, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and extractor hood are the most important appliances in a kitchen. If possible, the devices are installed high and so at a user-friendly height. This makes loading and unloading extremely convenient and is also gentle on the back.

Ready-assembled kitchen cabinets are delivered to you for installation in your kitchen. The cabinets are already glued and pressed together in the kitchen. They do not have to be screwed together with an Allen key and often with an uncertain result. Right angles all around. The holes for the handles are pre-drilled so that the handles can easily be screwed into the right place. All in one line. Tall units, base units and wall units from nobilia elements are perfectly coordinated throughout. There are no nasty surprises when setting up. That saves time and trouble. All cabinets in the nobilia elements range are available with a right or left hinge (the door opens to the right or left). You can choose the variant that is most convenient for you personally. nobilia makes it possible.

The worktop you choose will be delivered in sufficient length for the kitchen you choose. So does the skirting board. Both must be shortened to the correct length when setting up the kitchen. You will also receive all the necessary small parts for your kitchen for safe and quick assembly. Without an Allen key.

The kitchens in our online program have been carefully planned by kitchen professionals. This ensures that everything fits together exactly and looks good. In particular, the electrical devices from the range also fit exactly into the designated cabinets. We offer you ready-made kitchen blocks that suit you. Years of experience in planning kitchens have flowed into our pre-planned kitchens. In this way, the right kitchen for you from the nobilia elements range may be found that fits your current life situation exactly. Whether retired, single, student, family or commuter, whether the kitchen should be at home, in the second home, in the rented apartment or in the holiday home, our planners had an idea for you. And if something changes at you and you need a new kitchen overnight, then you are spot on with a nobilia elements kitchen.

All cabinets, electrical devices and accessories can also be ordered and bought individually online at TOP-SHELF.de. Meaningful additions to what you already have are always possible. Everything fits together perfectly! In this way, you can later 'upgrade' your kitchen, i.e. replace or add to it. The look and technology of the cabinets remain stable. You can rely on it. The new additional base cabinet or the more modern electrical appliance are 'fully compatible' with the kitchen block that has already been set up. Everything fits! Don't be afraid of expanding your nobilia elements kitchen. In addition to the robustness of the furniture, we also call this durability. It's great that it can be so easy.