nobilia kitchen cabinets

Every nobilia kitchen cabinet is a perfect fit for my kitchen

The combination of the right kitchen cabinets is the success factor for a suitable, individual kitchen, which is also a lot of fun cooking and lingering afterwards. For this it is important that all the cabinets in a kitchen fit together perfectly. The nobilia kitchen cabinets, no matter whether it is a base cabinet, wall cabinet or tall cabinet, all cabinets from nobilia elements fit together exactly. You can combine all of our kitchen cabinets individually and put together exactly the right kitchen for you. No surprises due to imprecise angles, all kitchen cabinets are pre-assembled, firmly glued and guaranteed at right angles. The lines fit. So tall and base units are in a harmonious line and match the wall units perfectly.

Even if the kitchen is relocated, the kitchen cabinets can easily be rearranged in a new room situation and expanded if necessary.


Every nobilia kitchen cabinet has a special function

Every kitchen cabinet has a different function. There are very specialized cabinets, such as the cabinet for an electrical device. Other kitchen cabinets are more commonly usable. Even if a wall unit and a base unit can accommodate dishes and pots, it still makes sense to take a closer look. With its drawer construction, the base cabinet may be better suited to accommodate pots, while a plate is better placed in a wall cabinet or wall cabinet with a door that opens to the side. Find out which kitchen cabinet is best for you.

Wall cabinets and wall cabinets

nobilia wall cabinets or Upper cabinets offer themselves as practical storage space that does not need a separate space. They are primarily used for storing dishes, but are also suitable for light kitchen utensils. Spices are also often stored in wall cabinets with quick access. It's good advice that nobilia wall cupboards or to coordinate wall units with base units in terms of size. Then it looks right. Of course, the wall cabinets or wall cabinets are not as deep as the base cabinets below. There is a good reason for that. You don't always want to bang your head when you're working on the worktop.

Tall cabinets

nobilia tall cabinets are often the storage space miracle of the kitchen. In other cases, take up large electrical appliances such as the fridge or fridge-freezer. These then disappear behind the kitchen front and retain the uniform style.

Base cabinets

The base units are the basis of the kitchen. They carry the worktop on which you prepare the wonderful things to eat. nobilia base units are therefore very resilient and stable. You have to carry a lot. It is also planned to accommodate heavy pots and pans in the base units. Heavy kitchen appliances often find their place in a base cabinet. The drawers of base units are designed accordingly. The cutlery drawers are also located in the base cabinet.

A special form for base cabinets is the equipment cabinet that holds the oven or an automatic dishwasher.

Sink cabinets or sink cabinets

A special form of the base cabinet is Sink cabinet. It covers connections and the drain. Good positioning is of course important here so that fittings and drains can also be safely installed. Depending on the size, a sink cabinet has a fixed inner panel. Another feature of the nobilia sink cabinet is a larger recess on the rear wall.

Change cabinets

Built-in cupboards accommodate the electrical appliances in your nobilia elements kitchen. Both tall cabinets and base cabinets can take on this function. Electrical appliances can disappear behind a front in the kitchen design, as is often the case with refrigerators or fridge-freezers.


The kitchen cabinets from nobilia in high quality and stable

The nobilia kitchen cabinets from the nobilia elements Programs are built for demanding everyday life. All cabinets, whether tall cabinet, base cabinet or wall cabinet, are pre-assembled. Perfectly assembled and glued by nobilia in a German kitchen factory. High-quality fittings from Hettich complete the overall picture. The kitchen cabinets do not have to be assembled from individual parts. They are just finished, without tools from Sweden. No tedious interpreting of assembly instructions.

And nobilia kitchen furniture also makes a move. Even with different room conditions and different arrangement or suspension of tall cabinets, base cabinets or wall cabinets, rebuilding in the new home does not become a risk.

The fronts used by nobilia in kitchen cabinets are robust and remain attractive even under heavy use. You don't see the age or the number of moves on the kitchen furniture. And if something does break: no problem, nobilia has a suitable replacement front or even a precisely fitting kitchen cabinet that blends harmoniously into the existing ensemble of tall units, wall units and base units. As simple as that.