nobilia elements bathroom and living room furniture catalog

The intelligent and modular nobiliaelements concept.

With our flexible elements, you can easily assemble and adapt your living space according to your ideas. Whether you are moving to a new city, starting a family or building a house. Focus on the important things in life. We have the quick and easy solution for your request.For more space in life.

  • Quick and easy for individual requests
  • Modular and flexibly expandable
  • In high nobilia quality


Kitchen. Bath. Living.

Living worlds change. A new kitchen, bathroom or living room furniture is required overnight. Easy and fast. Uncomplicated. This requires a modular one-two-three concept with furniture elements that adapt to your life. At any time and for the future. That requires flexibility, sustainability and quick solutions. Do we have.

Our innovative nobilia elements concept simplifies your life and creates space for the important things. For more time. For more security. For more opportunities for change. No matter what situation you are in, the nobilia elements concept offers flexible and modular furniture.
Be creative. Everything fits together. Just choose. Quickly with you. More space in life. 


Certified quality ensures durability.

High-quality furniture in nobilia quality. Made in Germany. We develop solutions for people and their wishes. Always adapted to changing needs. We can do that. And so the nobilia elements concept was developed to meet your needs. For more space in life.

In over 75 years we have grown to become the largest kitchen manufacturer in Europe. This is us. As the market leader, nobilia stands for very high quality standards and the durability of our products. We are proud of that.


nobilia elements bathroom and living.
Simply combine. Live fast.

Division of all cabinets in a 100 mm width grid for easy planning

Combine elements and create your living space
The solution for every living space

Be creative and plan your nobilia elements living space.