Kitchens like in the factory, just order online from the comfort of your home

Our Elements fitted kitchens are manufactured by Germany's leading kitchen manufacturer - nobilia. With us you get pre-assembled kitchen cabinets at reasonable prices, just like in the factory outlet. The white ones nobilia Elements Kitchens are delivered to your home or apartment on the fifth floor in three to five working days. You can order the pre-planned kitchen blocks, individual kitchen cabinets or entire kitchen lines with matching electrical appliances from brand manufacturers.

The delivery of the kitchen takes place very quickly after the paid order, as all kitchen cabinets are in stock in the warehouse. The shipping company delivers all cabinets, be it a tall cabinet, a base cabinet or a dishwasher base with two men, directly to your home. You can put together your new dream kitchen with or without electrical appliances.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio in high nobilia quality

The pre-assembled cabinets of the fitted kitchen are already pressed together in the kitchen factory. They do not have to be screwed together with an Allen key and the result is often uncertain. Right angles all around. The holes for the handles are pre-drilled so that the handles can easily be screwed into the right place. All in one line. Tall units, base units and wall units from nobilia elements are perfectly coordinated throughout. There are no nasty surprises during the installation. That saves time and hassle. All cabinets in the nobilia elements range are available with a right or left hinge (the door opens to the right or left). You can choose the variant that is most convenient for you personally. nobilia makes it possible.

The worktop you choose will be delivered in sufficient length for the kitchen unit you have chosen. So does the skirting board. Both must be shortened to the correct length when setting up the kitchen. To the nobilia kitchen furniture you also get all the necessary small parts for a safe and quick assembly. Without an Allen key.

Pre-planned and pre-assembled modern kitchens directly from the nobilia factory

The kitchens in our online program have been carefully planned by kitchen professionals. This ensures that everything fits together exactly and looks good. In particular, the electrical devices from the range also fit exactly into the designated cabinets. We offer you ready-made kitchen blocks that suit you. Years of experience in planning kitchens have flowed into our pre-planned kitchens. In this way, the right kitchen can be found for you from the nobilia elements range that exactly matches your current life situation. Whether retired, single, student, family or commuter, whether the kitchen should be at home, in the second home, in the rented apartment or in the holiday home, our planners had an idea for you. And if something changes at you and you need a new kitchen overnight, then you are spot on with a nobilia elements kitchen.

Kitchen factory outlet / factory outlet via TOP-SHELF

Every single nobilia kitchen has to be planned and produced individually for the customer, which is why nobilia and other kitchen manufacturers such as Nolte, Schüler or Alno do not offer factory sales to end customers. As a nobilia kitchen dealer, we can offer you individual kitchen planning. After your kitchen has been commissioned and manufactured, we can offer you to pick it up directly from the nobilia factory in Verl.

Are the kitchens from nobilia model kitchens?

No, all nobilia kitchens and nobilia kitchen cabinets offered by TOP-SHELF are absolutely new and were not exhibited as nobilia sample kitchens or photo kitchens. The entire range of attractive and affordable nobilia kitchens at TOP-SHELF are kitchens directly from the nobilia factory. We do not offer a model kitchen or exhibition kitchen, as well as sales kitchens.

Where can I find assembly instructions for my nobilia elements kitchen?

If you would like to assemble your nobilia kitchen yourself and are looking for the right assembly instructions, you can find them under the following link: Installation instructions nobilia elements kitchen.

Simple kitchen assembly from nobilia elements modules in a modular system

Select a kitchen or put together your own individual kitchen from our simple modular concept. Different worktops and niche cladding can be combined with a large selection of kitchen cabinets and shelves in order to then complete the kitchen with electrical appliances of your choice. If one Mini kitchen, a long kitchen unit, a small kitchen block or a single kitchen for commuters, students or a family, the flexible nobilia elements kitchen construction kit fulfills your individual wishes. The special thing about the nobilia elements kitchen is that it can be expanded at any time with additional nobilia kitchen furniture be adapted to new life situations.

All cabinets, electrical devices and accessories can also be ordered and bought individually online at Meaningful additions to what you already have are always possible. Everything fits together perfectly! In this way, you can also 'upgrade' your kitchen later, i.e. replace or add to it. The look and technology of the cabinets remain stable. You can rely on it. The new additional base cabinet or the more modern electrical appliance are 'fully compatible' with the kitchen block that has already been set up. Everything fits! Don't be afraid of expanding your nobilia fitted kitchen. In addition to the robustness of the furniture, we also call this durability. Nice that it can be so easy.