nobilia tall cabinets

Die nobilia Hochschränke aus dem nobilia elements Küchenschrank Sortiment sind mit modernen Küchenfronten im zeitlosen Dekor Alpinweiß supermatt ausgestattet. Die weiß matten Fronten werden fugenlos mit einer hochwertigen Lacklaminat Folie überzogen. Auf dieser sehr robusten und strapazierfähigen Front-Oberfläche haben Fingerabdrücke keine Chance. Die unempfindlichen nobilia Fronten lassen sich leicht reinigen und sind daher sehr pflegeleicht. Jeder nobilia Hochschrank in weiß kann einzeln im online Shop bestellt werden.  Die angebotenen Hochschränke sind 60 cm breit. Der nobilia Apothekerschrank ist 30 cm breit. 

nobilia tall cabinets for the kitchen

Anyone who likes to cook or bake in their kitchen knows this: too little storage space for ingredients and materials, or the often used oven at knee height. The nobilia tall cabinets from nobilia elements the optimal solution. The simple tall kitchen cabinet with drawers or doors offers space for everything that is needed in the kitchen. You don't have to stoop heavily Base cabinet searched or balanced on the stool to get to the farthest corner upstairs. The most important utensils can be stored within easy reach in the nobilia elements tall cabinet. Alternatively, the nobilia tall cupboard with electrical appliance compartment enables the installation of an oven at a good height - perfect for anyone who prepares a lot in the oven or likes to watch the bread rise in the oven. The various tall cabinets for the kitchen by nobilia elements offer everyone the individually perfect tall cabinet for the new kitchen.

The basis of every kitchen equipment: tall cabinets for the kitchen are indispensable

Thanks to its wide range of possible uses, German kitchens can no longer be imagined without the tall cabinet. Of the nobilia apothecary cabinet inspires with its narrow design and the access from both sides, which offers a lot of overview. The tall cabinet with refrigerator is particularly popular with families: it offers space for a larger refrigerator than the base cabinet. And for everyone else who likes cooking or baking and has lots of utensils, the tall cabinet with doors and drawers offers plenty of storage space. Of the Kitchen tall cabinet has become such an elementary part of every kitchen that nobilia elements has added the most popular variants to its range.

Furnishing and planning a kitchenette with nobilia tall kitchen cabinets

Whether such a tall kitchen cabinet also fits into your kitchen depends on individual factors. In addition to the decor, the kitchen style is also important. A nobilia tall kitchen cabinet from the nobilia elements range fits into modern or timeless kitchens, but is also part of one Country kitchen usable. When planning, it should be ensured that the work surface is not divided by a tall cabinet. The tall cabinets are best for finishing off a kitchenette. In addition, tall cabinets with built-in ovens or Fridge-freezer combinations the electrical connections in the kitchen are observed.

Tall kitchen cabinets: offer plenty of storage space and create work space in the kitchen

The biggest advantage a tall unit can offer in a kitchen is storage space. No Kitchen cabinetA kitchen can hold as many ingredients or kitchen utensils as a tall cabinet. It not only rounds off the overall picture of a kitchen, but also offers a unique solution for keeping the kitchen tidy. Everything that is put away quickly and easily in tall cabinets saves space on your valuable work surface. This makes it not only a unique eye-catcher for large kitchens, but also the ideal addition to mini kitchens.

What sizes are there tall cabinets from nobilia at TOP-SHELF?

Tall cabinets in the nobilia elements Row are available in two widths: Economical 30cm, for optimal use of small space as a pharmacy cabinet. And a practical 60cm for various uses such as the installation of electrical appliances. All tall cabinets in the nobilia elements range are 199.7 cm high.

What should be done when planning be taken into account by tall cabinets?

If you are planning a tall cabinet in your kitchen, you should recognize the function of the cabinet for your kitchen. The classic tall cabinet is ideally suited as storage space for pots, pans and more. If it is necessary to install equipment, this should be considered and planned in the look of the kitchen so that the overall picture of the kitchen is consistent. Then you have to choose the height and size of the refrigerator in the tall unit or whether the oven is advantageous as an installation in the kitchen tall unit. You should always keep an eye on how large your work surface is and whether the tall cabinet can be optimally integrated into your kitchen routine.

What are the advantages of tall cabinets for the new kitchen?

Especially the one nobilia apothecary cabinet, 30 cm wide offers a practical solution for small kitchens, as it fits into almost any niche and can be pulled out to the front. But the 60 cm wide kitchen tall cabinet with drawers or pullouts also offers plenty of storage space. In addition, a tall cabinet rounds off the overall picture of a kitchen, especially when placed at the end of a worktop. For households that need a large refrigerator or an oven at a comfortable working height, the nobilia elements tall unit conversion units offer the perfect solution.

What types of tall kitchen cabinets are there in the nobilia Elements range?

The nobilia kitchen cabinet is available in four different types in the nobilia elements kitchen range. First, the nobilia apothecary cabinet with 30 cm Width. This offers storage space in small kitchens that otherwise could not be used. Second, nobilia elements offers one nobilia device conversion cabinet for oven or microwave. The oven is installed at a manageable height in this 60 cm oven cabinet. Loading and unloading the built-in oven is simplified and you always have dishes in view. The nobilia elements range also includes tall cabinets for Refrigerators and fridge-freezers. Compared to refrigerators that come in one Base cabinet be accommodated, offers the Tall cabinet for refrigeratorand freezer significantly more space. In addition to these specially equipped tall cabinets, there are also classic cabinets with drawers and doors. The version with doors offers great variability thanks to individually designed shelves, so that exactly the compartment that is required is created.