nobilia wall cupboards

Die nobilia Hängeschränke aus dem nobilia elements Küchenschrank Sortiment sind mit modernen Küchenfronten im zeitlosen Dekor Alpinweiß  supermatt ausgestattet. Die weiß matten Fronten werden fugenlos mit einer hochwertigen Lacklaminat Folie überzogen. Auf dieser sehr robusten und strapazierfähigen Front-Oberfläche haben Fingerabdrücke keine Chance. Die nobilia Fronten lassen sich leicht reinigen und sind daher sehr pflegeleicht. Jeder nobilia Küchenhängeschrank kann einzeln im online Shop bestellt werden. Die angebotenen Küchenschränke haben ein 15 cm Raster, in Breiten zwischen 30 cm bis 90 cm.

Wall cupboards and kitchen cupboards from nobilia: elegant, robust and space-saving 

You want to redesign your kitchen and are therefore looking for a practical one Wall unit as a storage place for spices, teacups & Co.? Then you should take a look at the wall cupboards from the nobilia range. Cupboards such as the nobilia Falt-Lift wall cupboard in 90 cm visibly enhance your furnishings and prove to be useful helpers in everyday life. We would be happy to provide you with the range of nobilia kitchen cabinets now closer to. In the following text you will find information about the different types of Wall cupboards, for their maintenance and assembly.



  1. Wall cabinets: space-saving with plenty of storage space on the wall
  2. You should keep this in mind when planning closets and wall units
  3. How do I use wall cabinets in the kitchen?
  4. Wall cabinets in the bathroom, living room and hall
  5. What types of wall cabinets are there?
  6. How do I properly care for and maintain wall units?
  7. How are wall cabinets installed and hung?
  8. What is the quality of the nobilia kitchen wall units from the nobilia elements range?
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Wall cabinets: space-saving with plenty of storage space on the wall

Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the children's room or in the living room - wall cabinets ensure that you have all the things that are important to you immediately to hand. Wall cabinets are valued primarily for their space-saving properties. With a floating, light wall cabinet, you can also prove that you have a sense for aesthetics. For example, hanging cabinets with decorations made of metal or with a high-gloss look add an exciting accent to the kitchen. The wall cupboards are available in different styles and designs from country house to classic to ultra-modern and stylish.


You should keep this in mind when planning closets and wall units

Before you decide on a particular wall cabinet, you should think about its size and design. In the nobilia range you will find cabinets in different sizes from 30 cm to 100 cm. With several, offset-mounted cabinets, you can also design your kitchen individually - depending on your taste, style and room size. Basically, you should always choose the size and width so that the closet does not look too bulky - rule of thumb: large room, large closet, small room, small closet. Since some wall cabinets with a door can only be opened to the side, you should also plan enough space for convenient opening of the cabinet door. Also important: The decor of the closet should harmonize with the color and style of the rest of the furnishings and, above all, with the color of the wall. Apart from that, since most nobilia wall units are characterized by a timelessly beautiful, simple design, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to room design.


How do I use wall cabinets in the kitchen?

Every nobilia wall unit is a high-quality piece of furniture that ideally fits harmoniously into the interior of your kitchen. Depending on the size and nature of the kitchen, you can choose from different models - such as cabinets above the worktop, cabinets under the worktop or special sink base units. With an artistic decor, you round off the furnishing ensemble in your kitchen perfectly. If you have enough space, you can also place shelves between two cupboards on the wall - this looks particularly elegant. You can use the surface of the cabinet as a storage space for cans, decorations and other things - provided the cabinet height allows it. It is best to keep fine porcelain in a cupboard with a transparent glass door. In this way you always have the good crockery to hand and can proudly present it to your guests with a single movement of the hand. For a harmonious overall impression, you ideally use a round corner shelf as a finish to the wall. You can use it to store herbs and spices, for example. When choosing your cabinets, you should also make sure that the individual pieces of furniture match each other well - not only in terms of size, but also in terms of appearance and style. You should avoid too sharp contrasts - especially with the colors. so as not to disturb the harmonious overall picture. By the way, at you will also find the matching partition walls and fitting strips in the wall cupboards category - such as the Alpine white fitting strip for an optimal wall connection.


Wall cabinets in the bathroom, living room and hall

At you will not only find nobilia kitchen cabinets, but also wall-mounted cabinets for the bathroom, living room and hallway. Wall-mounted cabinets are extremely practical, especially in narrow bathrooms. They are preferably installed above the toilet or next to the mirror and offer you enough storage space for everything you need in the bathroom. Whether toothpaste, bathroom textiles or cosmetics - a handle in the wall unit is enough and you have the desired object in your hand. Wall cabinets are also often used in the living room. With their floating light appearance, they are less overwhelming than classic living room cupboards standing on the floor. Instead of closed wall cabinets, you can also use showcases with glass doors - for example for storing representative wine glasses. In the hallway, wall cupboards are mainly used to complement the open cloakroom. With the matching shoe cabinet and a pretty chest of drawers, you get a wonderful ensemble for the entrance area of your apartment.

nobilia Garderobe Badezimmer Flur Hängeschränke Alpinweiss matt Wandschränke

What types of wall cabinets are there?

Kitchen cabinets and base units are divided into different categories depending on their design. There are, for example, cabinets with sliding doors, cabinets with glass doors and cabinets with lift-up flaps. If you are looking for a simple cabinet for the wall, you should not choose a model with a flashy decor. In the nobilia range from you will always find the right closet - no matter which decor and which design you prefer. Here is an overview of the individual types:

Nobilia Küche Dekor Sylt matt schwarz Galstüren Hängeschrank

Wall cabinets with glass door

The wall unit with a transparent glass door is undoubtedly one of the classics. It can be used in the kitchen for storing dishes or food cans. Advantage: You can always see exactly what is in the closet. 

Wall cabinets with door or door cabinets

Hanging cabinets with doors - so-called door cabinets - are also among the modern classics in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and living room. When choosing, you should always consider the dimensions of the room so that you have enough room to move even when the door is open.

noblia Hängeschränke Dekor Gent 741 Einbauküche grau

Sliding door wardrobes for the bathroom, living room, hallway and kitchen

A sliding door cabinet takes up significantly less space compared to cabinets with a side-opening door. This means that they can also be used without any problems in rooms with narrow dimensions.


Folding cupboards and cupboards with a flap

You can also find wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with hinged doors at This type of kitchen wall cabinet works especially well for people who have grown tall. Even if your kitchen is rather narrow, folding cupboards are an option.

nobilia Klapphängeschränke und Schränke mit Hochklappe Pura 836

Upper cabinet with swing-up flap or swing-up fitting

If you are looking for a particularly space-saving and at the same time practical and appealing wall cabinet, you should take a closer look at the cabinets with flip-up flaps in the nobilia kitchen cabinet range. This type of wall unit takes up even less space than a folding wall unit, as the flap can be pulled vertically upwards (= lifted up).

nobilia Oberschrank mit Hochschwenkklappe Hochschwenkbeschlag weiß Segmentglas

Wall cabinet with fold-up flap or fold-lift door

Cabinets with a folding flap or a folding lift door are considered a particularly elegant solution. In the range of nobilia kitchen cabinets you will find this robust example for your plates and cups, for example: nobilia folding-lift wall cabinet 60cm & 90cm.

nobilia falt lift wandschrank 60 cmkuechen haengeschrank oberschrank in weiss wandschrank nobilia

Open cupboards

If you are looking for a closet that is open, you will also find it at For example, this is very popular open wall shelf in the size 30 x 30 cm from nobilia.


Short cabinets

The short wall cabinet is a short wall cabinet that is often chosen as a complement to other wall cabinets. It takes up less space, not only looks great in the kitchen, but is also used as a decorative element in many living rooms.  


How do I properly care for and maintain wall units?

The care of your nobilia base cabinets is very easy. All you have to do is wipe the cabinet with a damp cloth at regular intervals. Two to three times a year you should take a little more time to care for your closet, including the decor. Remove everything, wipe carefully, disinfect if necessary, put everything back in - done. You don't have to worry that something might break, because: Typically, the wall unit is made of materials that tolerate moisture without any problems. Special decorative foils also ensure that the material underneath is not damaged. If the door of your closet squeaks, it is usually sufficient to apply a little oil to the hinge.


How are wall cabinets installed and hung?

Kitchen wall cabinets can easily be attached to most walls. Before you hang up your kitchen wall cabinet, you should still check the condition of the wall. It must not be porous or have cracks. Most nobilia kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall with dowels. Before you drill holes in the wall, make sure that the height of the cabinet fits. As a rule of thumb, the bottom wall of the cabinet should be around 120 cm above the floor. It is best to use special cavity dowels with a length of eight to ten centimeters for the fastening itself. All other components - such as fittings and screws - can be found in the fittings bag. This is usually part of the scope of delivery of your nobilia closet. Note: The assembly is also easy for laypeople and only takes a few minutes. Have fun with your new piece of furniture!


What is the quality of the nobilia kitchen wall units from the nobilia elements range?

So that you can enjoy your nobilia kitchen for a long time, every nobilia elements wall cabinet, whether with doors, has one Flap or a folding lift door consistently high-quality equipment. For example, everyone has Upper cabinets with doors Automatic concealed hinges and door dampers from Hettich. These ensure that the door from Glass hanging cabinet closes quietly. Also a Microwave cabinet is with a high quality Blum Aventos Flap fitting equipped with its SoftClose BLUMOTION function closes gently and quietly.