nobilia base units

Die nobilia Unterschränke aus dem nobilia elements Küchenschrank Sortiment sind mit modernen Küchenfronten im zeitlosen Dekor Alpinweiß supermatt ausgestattet. Die weiß matten Fronten werden fugenlos mit einer hochwertigen Lacklaminat Folie überzogen. Auf dieser sehr robusten und strapazierfähigen Front-Oberfläche haben Fingerabdrücke keine Chance. Die unempfindlichen nobilia Fronten lassen sich leicht reinigen und sind daher sehr pflegeleicht. Jeder nobilia Küchenunterschrank kann einzeln im online Shop bestellt werden. Die angebotenen Küchenschränke haben ein 15 cm Raster, in Breiten zwischen 30 cm bis 90 cm. 

Kitchen base units from nobilia

Are you looking for base cabinets for your new nobilia kitchen or would you like to expand the existing kitchen with individual cabinets? Discover the attractive program at TOP-SHELF. In the shop you will find every kitchen base cabinet in a wide variety of colors, decors and designs. The best thing is, you can order the individual kitchen cabinets directly online. Do you only need a single base cabinet to expand your kitchen? With TOP-SHELF, each kitchen base unit is available individually as a kitchen base unit without a worktop. If Hearth cabinet, Sink cabinet or Drawer cabinet, with us you will find the right kitchen base cabinet for your kitchen. Are you still in the planning phase? We help you! With the online kitchen planner you can put your base cabinets in place on a trial basis. With us you will find the right base cabinet for your kitchen.


Every base cabinet in the right place with the kitchen configurator from TOP SHELF

You can plan your premium kitchen from Nobilia flexibly. When choosing your kitchen, you should first think about the right space for each kitchen base cabinet. in the Online configurator you can place your Nobilia kitchen base units on a trial basis. Determine the position of the drawer base cabinet, pull-out base cabinet and all other base cabinets, choose the worktop and decor and you are ready to plan your kitchen base cabinets. With TOP SHELF you only need the room dimensions, the configurator does the rest. Try it out!


Which kitchen base units are there?

Get an overview of the extensive range of nobilia. You get everyone Kitchen cabinet without worktop individually. First choose each base cabinet and then orient yourself using countertops.


Base cabinet with door and shelves

Base cabinets with a door are suitable for pots and pans or your second dishes. The door can be installed clockwise or counterclockwise. Wide base units with two doors are also available. You can choose whether you want one or two shelves. There is also the option of installing a drawer above the door.


Kitchen base cabinet with drawers or pull-outs

With a Base cabinet with drawers you create order and save a lot of time when cooking in the kitchen. All options are open to you. Whether a base cabinet with three Drawers and one abstract or two pull-outs and a drawer, every kitchen base cabinet can be configured according to your wishes.


Sink base cabinet for the kitchen

Of the Sink cabinetfor the kitchen is available with one or two doors. As opposed to one Sink base unit from IKEA, must nobilia sink cabinet cannot be assembled. The 90 cm wide sink cabinet is perfect for installing a large sink. The kitchen base cabinet with sink offers space for water supply and drainage. A water heater can possibly be installed. In contrast to the normal kitchen base cabinet, the sink cabinet has no shelves. You can store detergents here. However, they are accessible to small children there. At Nobilia you will also find a sink cabinet with a single drawer that holds exactly two garbage cans. Cleverly plan your kitchen base cabinet with sink TOP SHELF!


Corner base cabinet

Corner base units are an important part of planning your kitchen. In a kitchen with at least one corner, you have shorter walking distances. When cooking, you don't have to walk back and forth in front of the kitchen, you can reach the washed vegetables on the cutting board or the sink with a twist of your upper body, for example. At Nobilia you will find diagonal corner base units that make optimal use of the space. In the corner base cabinet you have the option of installing one or two shelves. Because of its depth, a diagonal cupboard with a carousel is ideal for storing your pots. Single and double doors are available for the doors. The latter do not extend too far into the kitchen. No matter which corner base cabinet you need, the depth of 56 cm and the height of 72 cm are always the same. The width dimensions are unequal on the front and back. This must be taken into account when planning the space. Look for the exact dimensions in the configurator at the corner base cabinet of your choice.


Base cabinet for stand-alone hob and hob cabinet

Finally, there are several kitchen base cabinets for special purposes. There is an oven base cabinet and a hob cabinet for a raised oven. If the stove or oven is independent of the hob, you need a hob cabinet and a base cabinet for a self-sufficient hob. Anyone who uses their oven or stove a lot will be happy about high-placed appliances. In this case, the oven cabinet, oven base cabinet or oven cabinet must be planned differently. Enter your wishes in the configurator of TOP SHELF and discover your options.


Ideas for your kitchen planning

First determine the working triangle: the sink, stove and refrigerator in your Nobilia kitchen should be as close together as possible. Second, think about what storage space you need. If you start from your most common things to do in the kitchen, you will find out where your kitchen base units should be. Which base cabinet do you need for pots and pans? What is the best place for the drawer cabinet for cutlery and smaller utensils? A kitchen should have enough drawers. There is the practical kitchen base cabinet with drawers 90 cm wide. To make room for it, you may need to plan other base cabinets smaller. Cutting boards should be right under the kitchen countertop where they are needed. The base cabinet with pull-out is for pots. It should be under or next to the hob.


Drawer base unit and pull-out base unit

It turns out to be practical if your kitchen has space for at least one drawer base unit. Cutlery, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, baking paper and freezer bags, knives for meat, fish and vegetables as well as potato peelers and egg cutters, everything has a permanent place in your Nobilia drawer cabinet. A wide base cabinet with a pull-out is just as useful. Pots and pans, oven bowls, even mixers and Thermomix fit in. Your Nobilia pull-out base units from TOP SHELF are real space miracles.


Corner kitchen

In a corner kitchen, your kitchen worktop is connected to a second one. You need the right one Corner base cabinet. With a diagonal corner cabinet, connecting the countertops is more complicated. Determine early in your planning whether you want to install a carousel for your pots there. In this case, plan the hob as close as possible to the corner unit. A base cabinet with a pull-out is then not required. When planning your kitchen, you have to combine the kitchen base units correctly. Every kitchen base cabinet has its function in the household, which determines where it should be best.


Kitchen base units with standard dimensions

A Nobilia kitchen base cabinet always has a depth of 56 cm. The cabinet body is 72 cm high. By choosing the base feet, you determine the working height. The width of your base cabinets is variable. The narrow mini bottle rack is only 15 cm wide. Some models are available in widths of 30, 45, 50 and 60 cm for a base unit with one door and 80, 90, 100 and 120 cm for a sink base unit with two doors. You don't need a base cabinet for the dishwasher, just a dishwasher front. The substructure and top drawer for the dishwasher are standard widths of 45 or 60 cm. If the dishwasher forms the end of the kitchenette, you need a cheek to end it.


Base cabinets for sink and oven

Now to the kitchen base units in the work triangle. There is a large selection of built-in cabinets for stoves, refrigerators and microwaves in the standard width of 60 cm for your Nobilia kitchen. A Hearth cabinet is 60 cm wide and also available as a drawer base unit. The niche dimensions are 56.8 x 59.8 cm. Of the Pull-out base cabinet for the sink is available in widths between 60 and 120 cm. A sink cabinet with a panel and a drawer is also possible. If you use your oven a lot, you should think about moving it up. In this case, order a highboard as a Oven cabinet as well as an oven base cabinet and a base cabinet for the hob. These cabinets are all 60 cm wide. The niche size for ovens is 56.8 x 59.8 cm. TOP SHELF has every imaginable stove cabinet and oven cabinet for you.


Design and decor: kitchen base units with a high-quality look

Once every base cabinet, from the sink cabinet to the drawer cabinet, has found its place, it is time to think about the design. You see the surfaces of your kitchen every day. First, choose decor and Color of the front carefully. You have the choice between matt or high-gloss fronts. Whether factually modern or traditional, with TOP SHELF Second, you will find matching handles from Nobilia. There are narrow handles for more elegance and wide models for a robust look. Thirdly, it is important to find the right worktop for the front surfaces and handles. Here are some tips for your kitchen base units, handles, and kitchen countertops.


Body and front

A kitchen base cabinet in white can be combined with many other design elements. For the body you can choose the same color as for the front, or a different one. A body color in a wood tone combined with fronts in a clear lacquer color such as red or yellow provides base units with a warm look. A kitchen base cabinet in high-gloss black creates an interesting contrast in a matt white environment. If you integrate kitchen appliances such as ovens or microwaves in a column with a kitchen base cabinet in black high gloss, you visually highlight the appliances. The larger the long side of your kitchen, the sooner you should interrupt it with an interesting color. If you enjoy clear colors, you should get to know the Nobilia Color Concept. Learn how to combine white shelves with interior surfaces in your favorite color. The structured oak replicas of Gladstone Oak, Ontario, San Remo and Halifax are of very high quality. The former is very dark and, in combination with a color such as alpine white or magnolia, creates an attractive contrast. San Remo is offered in combination with black high-gloss lacquer, which creates a contrasting effect for your pull-out base unit.



In addition to the front look and handles of your base cabinets, the choice of kitchen worktop is important for the style and overall impression of your kitchen. Kitchen base units and kitchen worktop can be kept entirely in white. Kitchen base units in wood decor with a worktop in a concrete look are stylish. Gray kitchen worktops look cool, worktops in wood look warm. Nobilia has three different kitchen worktops to choose from: APN with a rounded edge, APD with a square edge and Slim Line for a filigree look.


Material and construction

The coating of your kitchen worktop creates the high-quality look and feel of the surface. Whether smooth or structured, it can hardly be distinguished from the material being reproduced. Whether worktop, drawer base cabinet or sink cabinet, all surfaces are highly scratch-resistant. Thanks to the very high heat resistance of the coating, the oven cabinet and the base cabinet for the hob have the same service life as the worktop. Water-repellent and heat-resistant adhesives protect the interior against external influences.

nobilia Elements base units of the highest quality

So that you can use your nobilia kitchen Every nobilia elements base cabinet, whether with one door or with two doors and drawers, has high-quality fittings. For example, all kitchen cabinets with doors have automatic concealed hinges and door dampers from Hettich. These ensure that the door of the sink cabinet closes quietly. The kitchen base units with drawers and pull-outs are also fitted with Hettich fittings. All Drawer cabinets, like the oven cabinet and stove cabinet, have full pull-outs with integrated soft-close soft closing mechanism for inward and outward movement, which ensures that the drawer is gently pulled in.

Extensions and accessories

From the simple kitchen base cabinet in white to the most unusual color, you can buy each kitchen base cabinet individually. If there is enough space, add a practical drawer cabinet to your configuration, if possible the kitchen base cabinet with drawers 90 cm wide. For small spaces, take a look at the narrow pull-out cabinet with two baskets. In addition, there are special fitting strips, front and angle fitting pieces to finish off your kitchen harmoniously with the walls. Round off your kitchen planning with practical accessories, such as cutlery boxes and hanging rails. With the online Kitchen planner from TOP SHELF you are the architect of your Nobilia kitchen yourself!