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With our free online kitchen planner, you can plan your new kitchen with high-quality nobilia kitchen cabinets, optional electrical appliances and kitchen accessories. And best of all, the 3D online kitchen planner is very fast, easy to use, does not require a download and shows you our transparent prices immediately! Plan and order your new nobilia kitchen free of charge without registration directly via our 3D kitchen configurator and the online shop.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and advantages of our free 3D online kitchen planner
  2. How to plan your dream kitchen in our 3d kitchen configurator
  3. What is the best way to plan a new kitchen?
  4. What should you consider when planning a kitchen?
  5. Our pre-planned nobilia Elements kitchens, kitchen units and mini-kitchens
  6. Can I download the kitchen planner for free?

Are prices shown when planning the kitchen?

  1. Kitchen configurator app for Android and iOS
  2. Other online kitchen planners compared
  3. IKEA kitchen planners who plan cheap Metod kitchen online vs. TOP-SHELF online 
  4. Nolte kitchen planners in comparison
  5. Other titles

Introduction and advantages of our free 3D online kitchen planner

Even if many kitchen planners and kitchen configurators promise simple and quick kitchen planning, in reality it is a frustrating and tedious endeavor. This is because the kitchen planning software is very often developed by experts who are very familiar with kitchen planning and who want every imaginable kitchen variation to be mapped. These kitchen planning tools are becoming complex, not intuitive and far removed from the wishes and requirements of many customers. As a customer, you are first forced to create a 3D room, including all walls, doors and windows. If you have the patience, you will be rewarded in the second step with a confusing product catalog in which you have to search for the desired cabinet for a long time. If you want to place or move individual cabinets in the virtual kitchen, you need a lot of nerve strength. E.g. navigation in a 3D kitchen is not intuitive, so that you find yourself in a perspective from which no configuration is possible or leads to undesirable results. In many cases, the cabinets cannot be moved to where you want them.

All in all, you quickly lose an entire afternoon with the supposedly simple 3D kitchen planner and you have a lot of stress. The icing on the cake in this venture, the laboriously designed fitted kitchen has an unknown budget. The fact is that very few online planners, such as the IKEA kitchen planner, show the price of the configured kitchen and the individual cabinets and kitchen accessories.

What is different about the online kitchen planner?

Knowing well about the weaknesses and strengths of the 3D online kitchen configuration tools available on the market, we at TOP-SHELF have set ourselves the goal of developing a kitchen configurator that can be used very quickly, easily and intuitively by everyone.




Whether at home on the couch, on your smartphone in the park or on a tablet in the new apartment.

A simple kitchen planning was not possible until now. Until now you had to be a customer

The free - online planner is a 3D online kitchen planner,  

How to plan your dream kitchen in our 3d kitchen configurator



What is the best way to plan a new kitchen?


What should you consider when planning a kitchen?



Can I download the nobilia kitchen planner for free?

Our nobilia kitchen planner works online. You don't need any cumbersome downloads on your Windows or Apple computer. You don't have to install anything on your Android or iOS smartphone. Our 3D online planner currently supports the Chrome browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Our nobilia online planner also works on mobile devices so that you can design your new fitted kitchen on the go or comfortably on your sofa. You are welcome to use the online kitchen planner on your tablet or mobile phone.