Assembly and assembly service for nobilia kitchens & nobilia elements kitchens

✓ lieferbar - in 3-5 Werktagen bei dir (Palettenversand)
✓ more than 10 immediately available!
✓ Premium-Qualität "Made in Germany"
✓ Collection available in Berlin & other locations
✓ Optional kitchen & furniture assembly Germany-wide!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Complete kitchen assembly at a fixed price
  • Including electrical and water connections
  • optional dismantling of the old kitchen for 260 €
  • Kitchen assembly within 10-15 working days
  • Delivery to the point of use, that means - all kitchen cabinets and large electrical appliances such as refrigerators and ovens are unloaded and transported into the kitchen


The stated price refers to the complete kitchen assembly, including a nobilia elements kitchen Electric & water connections.

Optionally, you can also use a Dismantling servicebook for your old kitchen. Please note that the Germany-wide dismantling service only includes the kitchen dismantling, there is no disposal. After dismantling, your old kitchen may not be reusable.

What can you expect from the kitchen assembly service and which services are included?

  • After ordering the kitchen assembly service, the Logistics partner by phone to you to possible questions to clarify and to get one Assembly dates to agree
  • Delivery and transportation to the intended use / location
  • Installation and connection of all electrical devices included in the scope of delivery
  • Connection of cold / hot water
  • Installation and connection of the dishwasher (if provided in the kitchen), inlet and outlet hose in standard length are included in the scope of delivery of the kitchen
  • Assembly of kitchen furniture including wall fixings (not possible with plasterboard walls less than 25 mm thick)
  • Installation of wall end profiles, plinth panels and niche cladding
  • Worktop cut-outs for hobs and sinks
  • Installation of the stovetop / glass ceramic hob
  • Cooker and hob / glass ceramic hob connection
  • Installation of extractor hoods (including recirculation set if available)
  • Installation of work lighting
  • Installation, extension and connection of sinks, mixer taps and siphons (the kitchen does not include a siphon or fitting, please provide these for installation)
  • Adaptation of the plinth panels
  • Notching of cabinet parts as long as the statics of the body are not impaired
  • Use of ALU sealing tape on open cut edges of wooden parts
  • Reductions / adjustments to countertops (except stone / acrylic)
  • Joint final acceptance and functional test of the fully assembled kitchen including the electrical appliances with the customer (customer confirms acceptance with signature on the delivery note; if necessary, documentation of deviations)


The following activities are not taken over during assembly:

General information: 

  • no installation on simply clad plasterboard walls - DIN standard must be met
  • Additional assembly work on existing objects is not carried out
  • No liability whatsoever if assembly is not possible due to the structural conditions - unless a measurement service including an on-site planning check was carried out with a positive result before the assembly order was placed


  • Connection and drainage work only on DIN-compliant and faultless objects
  • no laying of water connections
  • no connections for GSP inlet and outlet extensions, unless supplied by the manufacturer
  • no drainage work with HT pipes longer than 1m
  • No connections to used mixer taps, siphons or under-counter devices
  • no dismantling and assembly of any valves and wall fittings


  • Electrical connections only to DIN and standard-compliant, flawless junction boxes
  • no exchange of defective junction boxes
  • no connection of used electrical appliances
  • Stove connection cable must not exceed a length of 5 m
  • Do not connect multiple electrical devices to a multiple distributor if they exceed 3500 watts

Please note the following:

  • The delivery time of the kitchen may vary extend, there Delivery and assembly at the the same day be performed.
  • the length and depth the room must be sufficient to accommodate the kitchen to assemble completely. When measuring, please pay attention to possible sloping ceilings, pipes or similar devices that could hinder the kitchen installation.
  • The water connections and drainage pipes must be in the correct position to enable connection of the sink or a dishwasher. Connection to low-pressure devices (boiler, instantaneous water heater) is not possible.
  • Power connections, sockets and water connections must be available and should not be located directly behind the devices.
  • To connect the electric cooker, connections must be available that comply with VDE regulations and are no more than 1.20 m away from the device.
  • Changes to stainless steel products (e.g. shortening chimney hood shafts) and the connection of gas hobs / stoves is not possible.
  • Glass processing cannot take place.