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  • With our innovative online kitchen planner, you can plan an immediately available nobilia kitchen made of high-quality nobilia kitchen cabinets and optional electrical appliances. The TOP-SHELF.de 3D online kitchen planner is very fast, easy to use, completely free of charge and immediately shows you our transparent prices!

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  • FAQ

    size units

    The cabinet height "Mini" refers to a compact size of the cabinet, which is 57.60 cm. This reduced height allows the mini cabinet to be used in situations where space is limited or a specific room design is desired. Despite the compact size, the mini cabinet still offers enough storage space and functionality for your individual needs. Due to its lower height, the mini cabinet can also be used as a complement to other cabinet heights to enable versatile and adaptable kitchen design.

    In the nobilia range, the standard cabinet height is 72 cm, which offers an optimal balance between functionality and storage space. This height allows efficient use of the entire cabinet space and ensures 100% storage space. It offers enough space for storing dishes, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. Thanks to the standardized height, you can easily combine the cabinets with other elements in your kitchen and create a harmonious overall picture. The 72 cm high standard cabinet height is a proven choice and offers you a practical and functional solution for your kitchen equipment.

    The XL cabinet heights are 79.20 cm high. The extra size gives you 10% more storage space. XL heights stand for more storage space and can be planned holistically. In this way, kitchens can not only be planned ergonomically, but also with optimized storage space.

    The MAXI cabinets in the nobilia range are characterized by their height of 86.4 cm and offer more storage space compared to the standard height. With an extension of 20% more storage space, the MAXI cabinets allow optimal use of the vertical room height in the kitchen. This means you have more space to store your kitchen utensils, dishes and other items.

    With the increased height, MAXI cabinets provide ample storage space and allow you to organize your kitchen more efficiently. Whether you need additional pantry cabinets, more shelf space for pots and pans, or just more storage space for your cooking utensils, the MAXI cabinets are an ideal solution to make your kitchen more functional.

    Everyone is different and therefore needs a working height that is tailored to them. Our height system enables working heights between 66.2 cm and 110.2 cm, with four body heights to choose from. And best of all: The combination of base cabinets and plinth heights can even maximize the storage space - with almost the same working height.

    Nobilia offers a wide range of cabinet heights to suit individual needs and preferences. With the MAXI height of 86.4 cm, you get generous storage space and an imposing appearance that gives your kitchen an impressive look. The XL height of 79.2 cm also offers plenty of space and allows for comfortable use of the cabinets. The 72 cm variant is available for a classic standard height, which is a proven choice and can be ideally integrated into various kitchen designs. If you prefer a compact solution, the MINI height of 57.6 cm is the perfect choice. Despite their smaller size, MINI cabinets still offer sufficient storage space and are particularly suitable for smaller kitchens or as a supplement to other cabinet heights.

    Nobilia offers a choice of four different plinth heights to suit individual needs and desired kitchen design. The lowest base height is 7 cm and enables a flat, almost floor-flush look. With a base height of 10 cm, you get a subtle elevation that gives the kitchen a subtle elegance. A plinth height of 15 cm offers additional space for easy cleaning under the base cabinets and ensures harmonious integration into the overall picture of the kitchen. For an increased plinth height of 20 cm you get a striking visual effect that will add a modern and unique touch to your kitchen. With these different plinth heights, Nobilia enables a flexible design of the kitchen unit and ensures optimal adaptation to your individual needs and style preferences.

    There are three different worktop heights to choose from. For quartz stone countertops, the height is 1.2 cm. For Slim Line and Xtra Ceramic worktops, the height is 1.6 cm. The standard worktop height is 3.8 cm. Depending on individual preferences and requirements, you can choose the right worktop height accordingly. These different heights allow the kitchen to be designed flexibly and offer a wide range of options for the design and functionality of the worktop.

    In order to offer you an ergonomic and comfortable working environment in your kitchen, nobilia ensures that the appropriate active height is guaranteed for the various activities such as preparation, cooking and washing up. By using four different base heights and three worktop heights, nobilia enables individual fine-tuning in order to best meet your needs. This not only ensures a comfortable working position, but also ensures relaxed and efficient work in the kitchen. Whether you need smaller or larger work surfaces, you are given the opportunity to customize your kitchen and create an ergonomic environment that suits your needs.

    The basis of our kitchen planning is the new grid system of 14.4 cm. One grid step corresponds to a drawer height of 14.4 cm. This results in the two body heights of 72 cm and 86.4 cm, which are used depending on ergonomics or storage space requirements. The XL height with a dimension of 79.2 cm offers even more freedom. The best prerequisites for the perfect, individual kitchen.

    General questions

    The N144 system offers you optimized storage space in an elegant design. It adapts flexibly to any room situation, whether in old or new buildings. Thanks to the grid dimensions, built-in devices can be seamlessly integrated into any tall cabinet. The system allows for optimal organization of your kitchen and efficient use of the available space. It also takes into account the importance of ergonomic design by adapting work surfaces and areas for prep, cooking and washing up accordingly. So you can work comfortably and relaxed in your kitchen. Whether you have little or a lot of space, the N144 system gives you the opportunity to make your kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing.