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Handles: With or without a handle - that is the question when it comes to kitchen design

Nobilia handles

Handleless fronts

FAQ - The most common questions

nobilia handles

Most of the handles in the nobilia range are metal handles,
which are offered in the following colors:

- Stainless steel colored

- Chrome gloss

- black chrome

- Industrial style

- Titanium colored

- Anthracite / gray / black and

- Old silver / scrap iron / copper colored

Occasionally, nobilia also offers wooden handles, which, however, have a surcharge.

The buttons, railing handles and screw-on handle bars are
available in stainless steel or black.

The standard handle strips are offered in several colors:

- stainless steel colored,

- alpine white,

- Slate-grey,

- Stone gray and

- Black

Handleless fronts

nobilia offers a large number of design variants as handleless kitchens:
- nobilia Easytouch: with anti-fingerprint coating

- nobilia Fashion: with a matt lacquered surface

- nobilia Focus: with ultra-high-gloss lacquer

- nobilia Laser: with laser edge

- nobilia Lux: with high-gloss lacquer colors

- nobilia Riva: with a melamine resin coating

- nobilia Structura: in wood decor with deep embossing

- nobilia Pura: with ultra-high-gloss lacquer surface

- nobilia Inline: with matt alpine white lacquer front