nobilia wall edging 400cm in oak Provence concrete slate gray stainless steel edging for kitchen WAP WAPN

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nobilia Elements wall end profile for kitchen worktops in 400cm length in oak Provence, concrete slate gray or stainless steel | with and without accessory bag with matching end pieces, inner and outer corners

The nobilia Elements  Wall edging is the ideal solution for connecting the nobilia worktop to the wall in the kitchen. With the same decor, the angled molding creates a pleasant visual harmony in the kitchen and, with the elastic sealing lips above and below, offers optimal coverage of gaps and joints. The attachment of the end strip between the Kitchen countertopand the kitchen wall can be carried out quickly and easily. The kitchen edging ensures a secure closure and seal between the kitchen worktop and the gaps between the wall and the kitchen cabinets. This also protects against liquids, insects and dust.

The end strip for worktops is 25 mm high and available in decor 192 oak Provence / 354 concrete slate gray / stainless steel.

  • Harmonious transition to the wall for the perfectly designed work surface
  • The kitchen strip is a good and inexpensive choice for finishing nobilia worktops
  • Hygienic & easy to care for: the resistance to moisture and the flexible edges make these bars an ideal barrier against water, crumbs and other dirt 
  • The construction of the strips and their soft seals compensate for any unevenness in the nobilia elements worktop and the wall
  • The optional accessories in the form of corners and borders complement the aesthetic appearance of the installed bar
  • The profile is suitable for the nobilia fitted kitchens Voted
  • Kitchen edging made of high quality PVC with high durability - German quality brand nobilia - abrasion-proof, resistant to cleaning agents, moisture, fungi, mold
  • Dimensions: 25x25mm - length: 400cm - Wall connection profile consists of a hard strip and a decorative element - with flexible sealing lips equipped - adapts to the surface
  • Uncomplicated assembly: it is sufficient to attach the kitchen end strip to the wall and to attach or press the decorative element onto the strip

nobilia dimensions & dimensions:

  • WAPN 400 (3944) & WAP 400 (4084): length 400 cm/ 4 m | Depth: 2.5 cm | Height: 2.5 cm


available in nobilia decor:

  • 192 Oak Provence
  • 354 concrete slate gray
  • stainless steel


Scope of delivery and equipment:

  • 1 wall end strip / end strip / angle strip
  • Optionally with a matching accessory bag: end pieces, inside and outside corners


The accessory bag WAPN-Z (99142) and WAP-Z (99142) can also be ordered individually. 

nobilia article number:

  • WAPN 400 (3944)
  • WAP 400 (4084)