Activated carbon filter for Elica wall-mounted hoods & extractor hoods CFC0140343 in recirculation mode carbon filter

Activated carbon filter for Elica extractor hoods and wall hoods CFC0140343

  • original quality from the manufacturer 
  • Maximum effect with minimal loss of performance
  • Effective fresh air management and protection for the engine
  • Suitable for the following models:
    • WISE BL / A / 60 PRF0125564
    • WISE BL / A / 90 PRF0125626
    • WISE WH / A / 60 PRF0125647
    • WISE WH / A / 90 PRF0125672
    • Further models to which the activated carbon filter CFC0140343 is compatible: 35CC, 70cc, Acuta, Amelie, Box In Lux, L'Essenza, Shire, Elite, Stripe, Amelié, Belt, Box In Lusso, Box In Plus, Capitol, Elite 26, Elle, Glass Out, Hidden, Hidden HT, Majestic , Majestic Sense, Nuage, Nuage Sense, Om Air Sense, Vertigo, Wise, Kitty, Tamaya Lux


Activated carbon filter for circulating air operation

This filter binds the unpleasant smells that arise when cooking. Depending on the period of use of the cooker and the frequency of cleaning the fat filter, the activated carbon filter will become saturated after a longer or shorter period of use. In any case, the filter insert must be replaced at least every 3-4 months. It can NOT be cleaned or reactivated.

Round activated carbon filter

Place a carbon filter on the protective grille on the left and right of the motor impeller and turn the central handle clockwise to secure it. To remove, turn the central handle counterclockwise.

The round carbon filter from the brand Elica has the dimension 162mm.