MARMITE countertop washbasin / washbasin WB 0002 W 520C 1 tap hole 60cm odor trap

nobilia elements countertop washbasin 52cm white 1 basin 1 tap hole bathroom washing area washbasin

This modern nobilia elements Bathroom countertop washbasin WB 0002 W 520Cfrom the nobilia Elements bathroom range is mounted on a vanity unit. This vanity is a Mineral cast washbasin. Mineral cast is a composite of acrylic and synthetic resin and is supplemented with various natural materials. The material is lighter, it insulates well and is unbreakable, so that the material can easily be edited afterwards, e.g. for attaching a soap dispenser.

The Countertop washbasin can be ordered individually and in the Width 52cm to be delivered. The white ceramic takes care of a A bright white bathroom is very hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The modern nobilia elements wash basin is very different from traditional wash basins with its stylish look. This tasteful washbasin variant sets interesting accents in every bathroom and becomes a highlight in bathroom furnishings. Nobilia elements also offers matching items for the washbasin spacious vanity units.

The white sink is available in the Widths 52 cm, in the usual high nobilia quality.

nobilia dimensions external dimensions:
52cm 87725: width 519 mm / 51.9 cm | Depth: 450 mm / 45.0 cm | Height: 162 mm / 16.2 cm

nobilia dimensions washbasin dimensions:
52cm87725: width 475 mm / 47.5 cm | Depth: 310 mm / 31.0 cm | Height: 115 mm / 11.5 cm

Scope of delivery and equipment:
1 washbasin including washbasin and tap hole

nobilia article number:
87725 in 52cm width: 87725
EAN: 0670036573290