nobilia anti-slip mats kitchen cabinets ✓ 30cm 45cm 60cm 90cm anthracite drawer insert drawer mat

High quality original nobila anti-slip mats for 30cm 45cm 60cm 90cm wide kitchen cabinets and 561mm depth

With these high-quality and modern nobilia anti-slip mats in anthracite, pots and pans will no longer slip.

The anti-slip mats in anthracite from the nobilia Elements brand are suitable for cabinets with the dimensions 300/450/600 / 900mm x 561mm depth.

The dimensions of the anti-slip mats are as follows:

Cabinets with a width of 30cm = anti-slip mat: 17.6cm x 47.4cm
Cabinets with a width of 45cm = anti-slip mat: 32.6cm x 47.4cm
Cupboards with a width of 60cm = anti-slip mat: 47.6cm x 47.4cm
Cabinets with a width of 90cm = anti-slip mat: 77.6cm x 47.4cm

The drawer insert drawer mat for kitchen cabinets and drawer bottoms can also be cut to size for other cabinets, pull-outs or interior pull-outs.