nobilia bathroom midi cabinet 1 door, 1 drawer, 1 pull-out, 2 shelves 30 cm x 115 cm white

nobilia elements midi cabinet 30cm white 1 door 1 drawer 1 pull-out bathroom wall cabinet

This modern one nobilia elements bathroom midi cabinetfrom the nobilia Elements range becomes with a door, a drawer and a pull-outshipped and mounted on the wall. Of the white hanging cabinet bodyalso includes two shelves and comes with high-quality fronts in Decor Touch 332 alpine white, super matt added.

Of the 30cm widthnobilia elements midi cabinet can be ordered individually in the usual high nobilia quality. The bathroom midi cabinet creates practical storage space even in small bathrooms. The matt wall cabinet surface ensures a A bright white bathroom is very hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Of the Door hinge can be chosen freely. When the door hangs on the left, the door opens to the left. When the door hangs on the right, the door opens to the right.

To that Bathroom hanging cabinet can be a perfect fit Cover shelf can also be ordered. The insensitive cover plate is in the Decor 332 alpine white, 354 concrete slate gray and 192 oak Provence available.

A Cover plate is a continuous plate which is mounted on top of the cabinet. The cover plate covers the top edge of doors and drawers because it protrudes slightly at the front and sides. So the cabinet gets one on the top nice conclusion. In addition, a cover shelf covers the gap between the cabinet and the wall so that dust is prevented from accumulating behind the cabinet wall. The cover plates can for example on Wall cabinets, midi cabinets, shelves or chests of drawers be set. If you place several pieces of furniture at the same height, a cover plate creates one seamless transitionso that the entire look of the wall unit is simpler and clearer. The nobilia elements cover shelves are a visual and functional enhancement for every room.

nobilia dimensions or cabinet sizes:
30cm BMSA30-115: Width 300 mm / 30 cm | Depth: 320 mm / 32.0 cm | Height: 1152 mm / 115.2 cm
30cm BMSA30-115 including cover shelfin the decor 332 alpine white / 354 concrete slate gray / 192 oak Provence: width 303 mm / 30.3 cm | Depth: 345.5 mm / 34.6 cm | Height: 1168 mm / 116.8 cm nobilia

Vanity unit decor:
Touch 332 alpine white matt (body & front)

nobilia decor cover shelf:
354 concrete slate gray
• 332 alpine white matt
• 192 Provence oak

Scope of delivery and equipment:
• nobilia quality: pre-assembled bathroom cabinets that are glued and pressed at the factory
• 1 closet
• 1 extract
• 1 door
• 1 drawer
• 2 shelves

• Automatic concealed hinges: high quality hinges, pull-out dampers with Soft-Close function (quiet closing) from Hettich
• Fitting bag with all fittings and screws required for assembly

nobilia article number:
BMSA30-115 in 30cm width: 2943
EAN: 0670036572750 (door hinge on the left)
EAN: 0670036572767 (door hinge on the left)

BMSA30-115 in 30cm width with precisely fitting cover plate 16891 in 332 alpine white / 354 concrete slate gray / 192 oak Provence: 2943 & 16880
EAN: 0670036573757 (door hinge on the left, including cover shelf alpine white)
EAN: 0670036573764 (door hinge on the left, incl. Concrete slate gray cover shelf)
EAN: 0670036573771 (door hinge on the left, incl.cover shelf oak Provence)
EAN: 0670036573788 (door hinge on the right, including cover shelf alpine white)
EAN: 0670036573795 (door hinge on the right, incl. Concrete slate gray cover shelf)
EAN: 0670036573801 (door hinge on the right, incl.cover shelf oak Provence)