Pre-assembled bathroom furniture Ostsee bathroom with accessories bathroom cabinets with and without mirror

nobilia bathroom furniture set "Ostsee Bad" with and without mirror Bathroom cabinet, built-in sink, sideboard

The nobilia Elements bathroom cabinets from the Touch 332 series are characterized by their modern design and their durable and robust quality surface out. Inside, the cabinets are also great high quality equipped with Hettich fittings from German production. In addition, the sustainable cabinets made in Germanyto ready-assembled cabinets that have been glued and are therefore particularly stable. In addition, the LHoles for the stainless steel colored metal handles are already pre-drilledso that you do not have to spend days on assembly. Within 2 working days will give you the top-shelf pre-assembled bathroom cabinets home delivery.

The Bathroom furniture set "Baltic Sea Bath" can with one Vanity unit with a width of 60 cm or 80 cm to be delivered. Besides, you can optionally a mirror with built-in LED bar order in addition.


  1. Bathroom sideboard with a width of 30 cm, 1 pull-out, 1 door, 1 shelf, 2 handles, with cover shelf in 332 alpine white (1.6 cm thick); the door opens to the right; Dimensions: 88 cm high, 30.3 cm wide, 34.6 cm deep
  2. Bathroom vanity unit with either 60cm or 80cm width, 1 drawer with wooden back wall, 1 pull-out with wooden back wall for on-site siphon recess, with cover shelf in 332 alpine white (1.6 cm thick); Dimensions: 59.2 cm high, 60.3 cm or 80.3 cm wide, 48.7 cm deep


  1. Built-in waste bin "Separato" for the bathroom, suitable for bathroom pull-out cabinets, 22 cm high, suitable for a pull-out depth of 40 cm
  2. Towel holder for attachment to the side of bathroom furniturewith a side depth of 46.1 cm, drilling distance: 32 cm, 5 cm high, 34 cm wide; Screws for fastening are included in the delivery
  3. Built-in washbasin MEGX 800C, mineral cast washbasin, 1 tap hole, external dimensions: 81.4 cm wide x 49.2 cm deep x 14.2 cm high
  4. Faucet by CARLO NOBILI, chrome-plated; the tap hole has a diameter of 3.5 cm, the spout is 9.8 cm above the sink; the highest point above the sink is 6 inches; the projection is 11.7 cm; including aerator of 2.4 cm
  5. Optional: Mirror with horizontal LED lighting in 60cm and 80cm width, including horizontal, sandblasted LED light window + Emotion Touch dimmer
  6. Hardware for assembly